A History of the World

No one knows truly the name of the world before the Great War. One of the reasons for the war was the foolhardy casting of a powerful Godspell that tore the name from all time and memory. It is surmised that the Nameless God has the information, but he or she is not giving it up. So it is known as, the world.

What we know is that ten times ten thousand years ago the world came into being as a play thing for the Gods. They lived here and built palaces from the land. As gods often do they created servant races and sent their servants on quests to serve their own purposes. The Gods fell to fighting one another and so depleted their energy that they had to retreat to other places. In this case most retreated to the Summerlands and built the city of Sumerkhan. Here they reside and reside still, except for the Nameless God who left his or her brothers and sisters behind and merged with the spaces between.

Some of the gods chose to build a great reflection of the Sumerlands, but the reflection shattered and the Winterlands became a terrible place of forever winter. A great dark city arose here called Shadowkhan. Powerful devils rule here and the Winterlands have become the home of those souls with too much Shadowblood. All others go to the Summerlands to be reborn but the Shadowblood are never reborn and became the first undead.

With the gods gone, the servant races claimed the world. They build their own empires whose names are just names now; all of their potency is lost to time. Great Alumatar. Grand Harrow. The Kings of Ashenvarr. The Queens of Maelyce. They and a hundred others rose and fell in the thousands of years that the Younger Races of Men, Elves, and Dwarves ruled the world. The Halflings too were there, living among the taller races.

As with all things however, the Younger Races became old and their knowledge of the Universe became vast. Capable of great evil, even in their pursuit of good their prejudice blinded them. So it was that the Younger Races pursued more heavily the absolute rulership of the world. Unable to decide who should rule, they began the Great War.

All could see oblivion on the horizon but none could find a way out. The Demons had emerged from the places between and the Necromancers had unleashed a plague of zombies. Apocalypse was on the very doorstep.

Then came the alliance of Dragons and Giants. As one they drove the Young Races back to Bastion and forced the Demons and rulers of the dead to come to terms. Balance was restored but the world was not healed. Over time the healing continued but some scars will last forever.


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