Peoples of The World

The people in and around Bastion come in all shapes and sizes. Below you will find a little about them and their place in the world.


Once there were twenty great clans but attrition hit the dwarven families hard and there are only three that live now in Bastion. Although there are thousands of dwarves and the race is the fastest growing of the major peoples, none the less the dwarves still harbor bitter feelings toward everyone else as they felt abandoned to fight their enemies alone. This was not the case but the dwarven version of history is different than actual history. Argus Ironcrag’s Secret History of Bastion is a rage filled barely accurate tome that is a bible to many dwarves.

The Copperfang are the most powerful clan. They live in the Red Foundry and produce weapons of extraordinary quality. The Irongcrag clan are the expert miners who go down into the Deep Bastion every day and bring back all kinds of precious metals. Finally the Bittersteel clan are the clan with the highest proportion of magic users and scholarship is highly valued.

Most dwarves have ruddy brown or red skin and dark brown, red, or golden hair. Women do not have beards but have fine sideburns that are often elaborately braided.

No dwarven clans live among the barbarians but some dwarves have made their way into the human or half-orc borderlands.


High Elves – Gold skinned and white haired the High elves once ruled the mountain forests of the world. They edged onto the domain of one too many dragons over the centuries however, and in the end this was their undoing. Even their allies among dragon-kind made war on them.

Scholars and magicians, they devoted a good amount of time to preserving balance in the forests and the world in general. Now, they dwell among the Great Gardens in the outskirts of Bastion. A lonely people who seem resigned to live in their artificial forest forever, the High Elves spend a great deal of time accumulating history for the Great Remembered, a book their leaders are writing in anticipation of the end of the world.

When High elves breed with other races their lineage is so strong the offspring are always considered true elves.

Wood Elves – Wild and free among the grasslands of the east, the Wood elves lived tribal lives ruled by a single powerful queen. Great summoners they dabbled in forbidden arts for so long that many of them mated with some of the outer planar creatures who served them. The Tieflings of Bastion are half wood-elf, and half demon.

Queen Veryna rules what is left of the Red Tribe.


Half Elves

Half Orcs




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