The Gods

The Gods

There were once many gods in and on and around the world. They retreated once to Sumerkhan and the Summerlands, except the Nameless God who resides in the Winterlands, though not in Shadowkhan proper. Now there are many fewer gods as they grow bored with the world and head out into the Great Ether or loose themselves from the energies of reality and float away into nothingness to be reborn. Some have been destroyed but legends say a god can return even from death.

All who remain now reside in Sumerkhan. Here they watch as the world unfolds and push their followers to do goals both gross and mysterious. Some wish to better the world and some wish to see it smashed, to be reborn. Some, like the demon-Lord Kasius seek to bathe it in eternal winter. The fickle desires of the gods affect mortals more and more and it is pushing Bastion to the breaking point.

All the gods have three forms, though each can shape shift into any form they wish, though with limited power. The first form is that of a cloud of energy. The second, is the Avatar who appears as a mortal. The third is a large dragon form. Tiamat and Aturu gifted the dragon form to their fellow gods and all true gods can use it. The only exception to this is, perhaps, the Nameless God who often appears in a bulbous dragon-like form with tentacles.

The Godslist

In the archives of the Temple of All Thoughts is a list known as the Godslist. This list is painstakingly updated by hand by the monks of the Thoughtful Order.

Marduk: God of Kings LN
Itaru: The Creator N
Aturu: Father of Dragons LG
Tiamat: Mother of Dragons CE
The Nameless God: Chariot of Entropy (Unknown Alignment, followers are CN)
Miellikki: Lady of the Woods, Mistress of Elves NG
Loviatar: The Dark Mistress, Lady of Masks, Lady of Pain NE
Kullervo: god of Forbidden Knowledge N
Math: Lord of Magic N
Khyron: God of Death, Gatekeeper of ShadowKhan LN
Tyche’: Goddess of Luck and Adventure CG
Dagdha: The Physician LG
Baal: Godkiller LE
Morhighan: Goddess of War CN

The Gods

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